Rogerio Botter Maio Trio

The trio is aligning performances and workshops in Europe, Autumn 2017 (November and December) and Spring 2018 (April), when we will be in Germany attending Jazzahead.

 The trio musical work is based on Brazilian rhythms such as maracatu, baião, samba, frevo and ijexá, mixed with jazz elements, South American flavors and music from other parts of the world.

 The trio has Rogério Botter Maio on acoustic bass, Vinícius Gomes  on acoustic guitar and Fábio Leandro on the piano and they will perform the repertoire from the fifth CD Sobre o Silencio as well as from the other  four released CDs.

 The trio has performed at internacional jazz festivals, such as Buenos Aires and La Plata (Argentina), among other prestigious venues and festivals throughout Brazil.

 On the latest CD we have as special guests Dom Salvador (piano), Roberto Menescal (voice), Carlos Aguirre (accordion) and Emilio Martins (percussion).


We will be glad to send a CD copy in case it is needed. 

For booking, starting from April to May, please contact