After several tours in Europe (since 1995) and Indonesia in 2004, Rogério Botter Maio is organizing the next European Tour for the Spring 2018, right after attending Jazzahead.

Classified as Brazilian jazz, Rogerio’s compositions showcase rhythmic strength, rich harmony and melodies influenced by his homeland musical traditions such as Samba, Ijexá, Frevo, Baião, Choro, etc.

The authenticity and originality of the group create an unexpected blend of colorful tunes taking you to a one night trip to Brazil.

Having  the piano, bass (acoustic and electric) and drums as basis, Rogério has performed his music throughout the years in Europe with different instrumentation to complete the quartet or quintet.

Some of the possibilities include sax and flute, female voice, guitar (acoustic or electric).

For booking, starting from April 22nd 2018 on, please contact rogerio@bottermaio.com.